Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aildilfitri 1429H/2008

This year I spent the most time on holiday which resulted in the most money spent. Probably due to new home, therefore needs new stuffs to make it liveable for our Raya break. Take a look at some of the pics..

The sofa from Courts Mammoth (the most convinient store,cos they have outlet like almost anywhere plus I am on tight budget) Although I would love to have my kinda sofa (L-shape) my mother was against it for undisclosed reason..hehehe..

Dining table from local furniture store...I wanted with the Lasy Susan, but they ran out the one that is within my budget but its OK, I can always add on later :). Notice the seashell curtain. Was bought by my cousin in Labuan

Finally completed the kit cab!! this one after strings of drama with my cousin who claimed that he can make it..long story..anyway it's done!! But I don't know where the pic..I thought I had it somewhere...

This year, my sister and I were determined to make our own dodol...we've been warned that it will take 8 hrs to complete (continuous stirring and all) but nothing can stop us..some pics....

Najwa and Najmi having their first taste of Raya in Kedah . Playing fire crackers with adik.

And the family photo on first day raya...I know the walls are empty but its a new home..what do you expect? Next year we'll think of something to hang..probably this photo? :)

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