Saturday, October 31, 2009

Once in the blue moon

I watched this VCD last night, With Love ( a Japanese Drama series) and continued this morning. I have watched it more than 10 times I think ;) Nostalgia gila tengok cerita ni...what are the memories?

This is the first VCD Series that I bought after I had my first PC in 2002. I fell in love with the actor immediately Yutaka Takenouchi. This is the story about relationship in cyberspace, background Tokyo, 1998. The guy (pencipta lagu) accidentally sent a piece of his song to this girl. The girl loves that song and later they keep on communicating via mail. Both uses nickname and unknowingly they were quite close to each other in real life. Along the line, both seems to be having the same dilemma, be it about money, being victimised or many other daily challenges and both exchange words of wisdoms via mail.
From this series I also learnt the cute icons such as p(^o^)q this is to express 'gambaro'..which means 'berusahalah'... I have it written on all my textbook (*o*) V

I know its cliche and those type of story only happened in movies but I loike the series so much. The funny part is I bought the series in Kota Raya KL. The basement used to have this one shop that sold Japanese and Korean drama series at good bargain. Went back to Shah Alam, watched the whole series overnight only to realise that the store packed me short of ONE VCD, the last can!!! In order to get my ending, after class that day I took bus to Kota Raya (2hrs ++ ride) and claimed the VCD from the store. They acknowledge it was their mistake. I quickly rushed back to Shah Alam and finally finished watching the series, close 24 hrs after I bought it. One of the things that I do back then.
After that I was head over heels with Yutaka that I keep on buying his drama series, although I don't have all but I have the one movie he did with Kelly Chen, Calmi Couri Appasionati - background in Italy. See, I was that much in love with him....
So just to reminisce the old fling, here are some of his pics (not latest though..)
(this one actually looks like Farid Kamil....but naaahhh...he can never top Yutaka-san ;p)

I like him in all the looks, totally went crazy over this guy (I think I still am..hehehe...) I mean who wouldn't fall for that sometimes badboy, sometimes very deep thinker and sometimes just plain sweet and cute look, am sure I did ;)
btw: once in the blue moon is the song that HAsegawa TAkashi accidentally sent to Teru Teru Bozu.

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