Monday, July 12, 2010

Iniesta, te quiero!!!

España won!!! I didn't sleep a wink, all the time on edge. Finally the best deserving team won!! The Dutch got what they deserve. After that kick on Alonso's chest, De Jong should have been red carded. They were since the beginning aiming for the Spanish players, not the ball. It was a tough match, and yes the Dutch played well, but as Spain supporter I am ecstatic!!! Now the guy in my office should be well shut his mouth up.

One remark that he made when Spain qualifies, 'Ya I was hoping Spain to win, because it will be a lot easier for Netherland to win the cup, compared to playing with the German' So brilliant guy, so much of easy target huh? ;)

I applaud the whole Spanish team, they did great!!! and my no 6 Iniesta just seal the deal ;)

~the cutest capitan ever~

Man of the Match: my man!!!

~they deserves it, seriously!!~

p/s: Nasty counts on the free kicks and yellow card, crazy!!


dieya said...

walaupun mata ngantuk terpaksa bangun jugak pegi keje.... yeeaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!!!

omg u r so right about the karate kick, that so deserved a red card.

ngantuk2 pun.... yeayyyyyy!!!!!

don't forget to ask ladis to treat you all on saturday ;-)

knitfreak-to-be said...

i ngantuk is quiet though, diorang ni amik cuti ke?

hehehe...will try, tak tau pakcik tu kedekut ke tak ;p

Aida Rezuan said...

Eh betul kan? Memang patut red card! Suma orang pon dok jerit red card time tuh! Haishhh! Nasib baik la tak patah rusuk ke hapa, ngeri tengok. And yup, the Dutch played dirty la, nampak bebenor.

Liza said...

that was no doubt 100% a red card moment...

tu lah, over confident never does anyone any good