Monday, July 7, 2008

World of Men

There has been occasions in my life where I was involved with so many men at one time (nothing personal). I was in ROTU back in UiTM and 70% of the population is guys. Now I am working in this industry where latest statistic shows in this company only 10% of the population is women.

So what's the perk of being in this male dominated industry? A lot..(none of it again...personal). After 2 years in SRC, I've met more guys that I have ever met my entire life. They comes in all form, best buddies, saviour,confidante,father figure or just gossip partner. Right now we have not yet wrapped up from our Turn Around..still there will be some task to settle before the actual schedule start up mid this month.

I am blessed to be given the chance to work with the team. They trully defines what teamwork is all about. There was one particular job that I was suppose to lead, and because it was not scoped earlier, it became emergent work, hence there are no proper team set up for the task and I have to lead the whole thing. Come in the midst of execution, problem..I shouted for help and boy am I relieved that I AM working with these people. Everybody is willing to chip in ideas to get things moving, extreme support and companionship showed and I could not have asked for more.

The only reason I am so thankful is that I've been in worse position. Working in company where people only care of only what tasked to them, apart from that, I don't care...Here, it is totally the opposite. there has been one too many occasion that I was saved by my saviour in my line of work here.

This is by far the best team I ever had and for that I am grateful.

I like the guy that is on the my farthest left, I think he's cute ;)

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