Monday, September 1, 2008

Truly Malaysian..

I'm in PD this Merdeka weekend on duty, therefore miss all the celebration in KL. (not that I joined any of it previously..) My family came down for a picnic on Saturday and there was a little incident...I injured my ring finger. My sister, did not saw that my hands was still at there car door unintentionally closed the door and causes my two fingers to be squashed in between the closed door....yes it was really hurts like mad..

Pictures below was taken after almost 2-3 hours post the incident;

and today the swell has not subside, bet you it will take another one week before it can be restored to its original condition..ouch... lucky nothing happens to my nails, or else it could have been worse.
Anyhow..that's not the main thing that I want to blog about today.

What does it means to be a Malaysian? In difficult times like now where most all prices gone up, us lead by clown government (not all but the top most are), how do you gauge how much Malaysians are we? Last week we had a farewell lunch for one of our trainee, my boss decided to read something about the late Leftenan Adnan Saidi who was killed by Japanese when they occupied Malaya during WWII. What's a patriot history got to do with a farewell? Nothing actually, he just wants to be remembered..

The thing is, he was all hyped up about the late Left. Adnan weeks before as if its a new thing (just because it is) to him. Mind you he's a Malay..mean how can a Malay not know about the late Left. Adnan? But then again if you ask any Malay on the street, how many of them do actually knows about that? My gut feels says that not many...Does it takes a good knowledge in history to say that you are a good Malaysian?

What about honouring the National Language? The fact that I am writing this in English doesn't help either, does it? I don't know actually how to define a Malaysian, is it actually lies on how you live, where you eat, how you talk or is it how you dress? In the millenium age, I guess people are starting to look alike. You would wander around the streets of Sydney and the people dress (hell even looks) alike people in Bukit Bintang. So what diffrentiate us from a bunch of Aussies?

I would say that its all in your heart, the moment you are proud that Lee Chong Wei brought back an Olympic silver medal, rather than trash him for that 39 minutes defeat to Lin Dan, I guess we are on the same boat!! I am for now proud to be Malaysian. Well there is occasional thoughts of landing a job in Europe or Middle East (who wouldn't?) but I know I will always settle in Malaysia.

For this year, its been a sober Independence celebration, all clouded by the current political state and I hope someone better step up and fix whatever things that they can to save this beloved country of ours. (I don't think the current opposition is the best candidate, tho). I love this country, its the only country I ever know but what the future holds for it, am not sure yet.

Long live Malaysia, may Allah bless us.


shinyin_jocelyn said...

guess what? i'm back!! :)

yes, i remember Leftenan Adnan Saidi, we learnt about him in history classes back in high school..

and yes,
i'm am proud to be a MALAYSIAN ^^

shazzain said...

YES..I sooo agree with you on everything said :)

Left Adnan, we learned about him back in school & I know there was a movie on him... kan kan kan:p