Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its 3rd Language Time!!

I have always been linguistically inclined, means I like different language and I think I have the tendency to picks up quite well given an appropriate amount of attention. My 2007 to do list was to at least learn one foreign language. I have been writing to few language institute in KL and receive some info. The only thing I need to do now is devote my time and my money and I'm almost there.

I am just sorting priorities right now, which one first? German or Spanish? I think Spanish are easier to pick up and probably won't require as much effort as German. So I think I'll start with German first. Had a chat this morning with my Deuscth colleague and said he would ask his wife on some activites promoted by Goethe Institute. Should be fun!! I learned some in uni but now I couldn't even count to 10 in German to save my life.

Probably get started after Raya or early next year...
So gutes Gl├╝ck zu mir

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thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

i'm pretty fond of french myself... learnt french 1st level in uni... forgot almost half of wat i learnt... siGh... but i can still say this... Je m'apelle ShinLoo. Comment allez vous?