Monday, December 15, 2008

Cinema Week!!

Last week was my cinema week!! I watched 3 movies in cinema.
  1. The Day The Earth Stood Still - Thursday
  2. Cicakman 2 - Saturday
  3. Los Dan Faun - also Saturday :)
I must be crazy or something to have done it in one week..hehehe.... well its actually something that I do on quarter yearly basis ;p

The first one is so-so..typical pre apocalypse kinda a thing. Girls watched because of Keanu Revees and guys watched it because of Jennifer Connelly. But does carry a good message, that the human beings are destroying the earth and should be all exterminated...

Second and third is of course due to my strong support of the local film industry. I know that the KRU brothers are good artist and expect good results from them as well. They did not dissappoint me :) Highly recommended!!!

Afdlin Shauki is another director that gets my highest respect when it comes to sister and I was laughing like mad throughout the movie. Also highly recommended :)

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