Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why not Chelsea?


I couldn't sleep a wink last night. After Grey's went to bed but I was tossing and turning for half an hour before deciding to go back down and watch more TV. It was showing repeat between Everton and Chelsea on ESPN.

Way half trough the second half and its still goal-less. I can see that Chelsea is a bit shaky, sloppy passes everywhere and bad defending. If it not were for Peter Cech, Everton would have at least 2 goals. I don't like Chelsea, it used to be because of Jose Mourinho. But now they are lead by Big Phil, which is one of my fav manager. So why I still not in their favour?

They have good line ups, that's for sure with Deco,Ballack, and quite a number of Portuguese players which is also my fav. Hell I even think Lampard is cute :) but I could not bring myself to be on their side. But then again, who's asking? hehehe.....

Game ended with no goals, although there is one contreversional goal in 84th min if I'm not mistaken, overuled by linesman. After that I still could not sleep, turn to Hallmark, watch The Nanny..only then I managed to doze dreams.

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