Thursday, January 8, 2009


This time around, my summary of achievement is a bit delayed. Just recovered from very hectic schedule of organising a wedding. Not mine, but my younger sister..hehe...of course I get more of 'the' question, but I have developed enough thick skin to kow-tow most of it. Even my mom is not directly asking, I know she is worried its just that it has never came out from her mouth. Anyhow.....

Last year I had summarise these as my achievements in here. For 2008, not sure what I have accomplished...I think its not much but I can say enough for now.

I know for sure that I have achived these;
  1. Renovating the house in SP in progress : 50% done (not including the furnishing part..)
  2. Holiday trip in Bali with frens :)
  3. Gone through yet another Major Turn Around (plant shut down, without falling sick and managed to shed some 5 kg..hehehe..)
  4. Celebrate Aidilfitri in our new home in SP. My sis and I even made our own dodol ;p.
  5. Help Shaz organise the BBGS Class of 98 10th year reunion!!
  6. Attended more than 30 weddings (not sure whether this achivement but definitely a record)
  7. Drove all alone from JB to PD, from PD to Maran, and many other places..I am no fan of driving and would be prefer to be the passanger, but always the case I am either travelling alone, or with those who cannot drive, so no choice.
Other than that, not sure what I have proudly done during the rest of the planning to accomplish few stuffs in 2009. Not listing here, will update as we go a long 2009. Can expect more spending...... sigh.....

Actually my new year starts at 1 Muharram 1430H, slightly earlier than the Gregorian that leaves me less day to pursue my wish. Hopefully I can become a better Muslim this year, insyaAllah.....


shazzain said...

I thought u shed 10kg's?? U put back 5 is it??!!

knitfreak-to-be said...

give or take la..its better for me to underestimate my achievement so that will work harder this year...hehehe..:)