Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Read the Quran

I have been so self indulged lately, till I forgot the spiritual side of myself. Am at this workshop at work and managed to surf blogs that I have been neglecting recently. Stumbled upon this campaign by MM and I deserve some slap in the face, yup definitely deserve it.

I am reminding myself to take time and make use of it more wisely, learn and truly understand on the hidden treasure in the Holy Quran. I used to read on weekly basis, back in Uni days but now I sort of drop off the routine from my daily to-do-stuffs. I don't have a tafsir with me, but I'll begin reciting again. Well it takes small steps before a big leap.
Ya Allah, give me enough strength and willpower to keep this resolution. Give me endurance to stay on your track, and give your blessing in what I intend to do...Amin..

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