Monday, January 19, 2009

Something about Kedahans...

Kedahan: Ke-da-hans

1. a person who is associated with the state of Kedah, located in North of Malaysia . Connection can be either birth,family connection,schooling days or having families residing in Kedah.

You'll probably won't find this definition in any other dictionary in the world because it is one of a kind. See, I was born in Pahang and raised in KL.Spend most of my life in the Klang Valley and now working in PD. But..because both of my parents are from Kedah, the rest of my siblings and I are considered Kedahans as well.

Mind you I can speak fluent Kedah dialect eventhough have never really lived in Kedah.

I will know a Kedahans when I see one,how? well...its subjective actually. We tends to be drawn to one another..or rather we have strong connection to each other. There is this strange patriotism that exist among us. I used to think that my mum is a hardcore Kedahans and gets over excited when she stumble upon another Kedahans. When I first bought my car, the plate no was registered in KL..but my mom went and buy this 'bunga padi' sticker and stuck it onto my car plate. Bunga padi is a proud symbol of Kedah as it signifies the states major production whihc is paddy.

After living in PD and driving long enough I noticed that my mum isn't the only one. The car plate no may be from Penang, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan and many other states is you care, but if the owner is from Kedah, chances are you can spot the sticker quite often.

I have this colleague from different dept that so happens have parents that is from Kedah as well. In one of the conversation, he found out that we share the same pattern and shortly after that I was welcome to the Kedah clan working in PD. It is not an obvious network, its just that people relate to me better when they know a little bit of background. Before it was just "Hi" when we passed by each other, now its like "Bila nak balik Kedah?" kinda question that pops out.

Its interesting actually when people start introducing you as ..."dia ni pon oghang Kedah jgk...".There is this sense of belonging and with me having a house in Kedah now, I felt even more.

So here's a toast of Kedahans..... :)

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