Monday, January 12, 2009

Of Humanism

There has been to many mails received on Israel nonstop attack and the inhumane massacre in Gaza. I received this mail forwarded by a good friend to spread the words and urge people to boycott some products that are known to be funding the Zionist. They are cooperations like Starbucks and McD to name a few.

I guess its time we Muslims do something, its not much but at least something. So I decided to forward the message to fellow Muslims, in hope that we are in this are some reply that I received;

"thank you for the reminder... good call especially with the current scenario in the Gaza. " - a Sr. Manager

"Yeah, seems like we should also throw our laptops out.... Actually surprised that the website didn't mention Cisco.."- an IT freak guy

"There is Burger King, Ramli burger, Carl's Jr, Wendy's, A&W, KFC, pizza hut .... :)" - a good fren of mine

"Boycotting products sold in our country means decreeing a death sentence to our own people.
A point in case was a friend of mine who invested his whole life savings in chicken rearing.When we boycott KFC, the company did not wind up, but my friend had no way disposing his chickens but to burn them ......................
Be careful of what you wish, for it might just come true.
We might mean well when when we disseminate information, but the end results could be disastrous. Think again of all the employees of the companies that were listed down. Are none of them without your own brothers and sisters in employment?"
- somebody who has opinion on almost everything....

Well, he does make sense, but it all boils down to choices..Instead of hanging out at Starbucks, why don't you try Old Town? I know the variants in Starbucks are much more better, but for a pro-Zionist cooperation, they are making millions from sales daily. Would you rest well knowing that part of your money is funding the massive killing in Gaza?

I am for sure starting my own pledge against Starbucks, for which clearly stated in their website that they fully support the Zionist. The rest like McD, Kotex and many other household names, will slowly work on that..

So NO to Zionist killing Palestinians, or any other killing that is by no means demeaning the human value itself.

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shazzain said...

that guy has a point...takkan nak make the millions of ppl working for starbucks, kfc, mcD etc in this country jobless kan, dah la tgh recession, ppl are out of jobs as it is, unless there is another way of creating jobs to take these ppl in then the boycott could work & I will definately boycott.

I wouldn't want the people working in those companies to be outta jobs.

but with all this said, I still am boycotting them & supporting the boycott :)...just to make sure there's an impact on the P&L