Sunday, February 8, 2009

That Literally Hurts!!

I have been having lower back pain for quite some time and after some visit to my local doc, she refered me to a specialist, an orthopeadic to be exact. I did an x-ray but nothing conclusive comes out from that. As follow up I went back for MRI and the results were not good. My lumbar section from L3 all the way to L5 has evident signs of wear and tear. That explains the back pain, at times it is so serious that I just could not get up.

According to the doc, its irreversible, and it is permanent. I was prescribed with some pain med and patches for my back. Ordered to attend physiotheraphy, which I will start next week. For now, am no longer in pain but was advised to be extra careful in all my activities. I can no longer slouch...(which I don't think did anyway), no more heavy lifting (I admit to be doing this quite a lot..even when I was small).

If I'm not be careful, the pain will come again and definitely affect my daily routine. I promise to take good care of myself. Or course I will, after looking at the medical bills, well the company is paying but, after two visits, the bill was around RM1400++, includes all MRI, x-ray,consultation and also the meds. Physio is not included yet...haish...

Spend last weekend catching with some old frens who is due to deliver this May. She didn't even get maternity benefit from the place she is working right now, nor does her hubby. Boy, am I grateful to be where I am now and I have to make the best out of this.

p/s: I have not been using my dental benefits for the past 2 going to start.