Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I wish I am 2 or 3 or more

If only I can have more Azita, Azita1 to pack things during moving the house, Azita2 to organise other stuffs such as hiring the movers, astro dish locaters, people to clean the house, Azita3 to unpack those things at the new house....and best of all Azita4 to go to work on Monday morning without feeling tired at all..oohh.. but that's not it. Azita4 is handling workshop the whole week, so will be away from her desk, and will desperately need Azita5 to stand in and monitor the plant condition. Which in this case is going haywire...most of the product offspec and the fact that there is no up to 5 Azitas makes life a living hell and work as well.

I am swamped, filled to the top and one particular person, the product scheduler that LOVESS to harass me, everything must put a blame to somebody, and I was always the scapegoat. She the superwoman always bitching about me to other people about how bad am I at my work, so on and so forth.. Well you know what? She can bitch for all she wants, and I don't even care. Nobody would understand my workload unless they are in my shoes. To hell with her badmouthing me, I couldn't care less so f**k off!!

p/s: after moving to new house, I realise I need more stuffs....I wanna go Ikea!!! but I'm broke :(

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