Sunday, June 20, 2010


Something we get day in day out. Formal and informal, whether you like it or not. It may be in a form of passing remarks, or a recommendation via email. I am sharing 3 different stories, one same theme.

Story 1
Miss A had a workshop. The facilitator is someone from a consultation company. Initially, during the prep stage, the facilitator, Mr B were asking too much of basic data and info, which drives Miss A to the wall. Come the week of workshop, it went very well. They achieved more than what they planned to do. This is largely contributed by Mr B's proper preparation, and also Mr B is a very experienced person, he shared many useful tips with Miss A and her colleagues. Impressed by how well the whole things went, Miss A wrote an email listing all the good stuffs that Mr B did and forwarded to Mr B superior. She even took the intiative to gather feedbacks from the rest as well.

Story 2
A company,C has been doing so well for the past few years has been appointed as the host of an important meeting. The meeting gathers most of the other co's leaders which is in the same business. The session went well and many activites were lined up for the leaders throughout the day. One of the session, a check on the ground was conducted, one of the guest leader, D gave a very bad feedback and in a way demotivates most of the people in Company C. The staffs upon hearing the remarks became very defensive as they were so used to hearing good feedback. They even start labelling leader D as sour grape, as his company were not doing great off late.

Story 3
An engineer, Miss E was assigned to mentor a trainee, F. Being an engineer, she is busy and did not expect to hand hold the trainee to get his job done. Trainee F was demotivated as he feels that nobody is guiding him. Things went on for a few months right to the time when F is about to finish his internship. Miss E graded F, and due to some reasons, trainee F did not get an 'A' for his internship. He decides to confront Miss E, however the confrontation did not went well. It happens in one of the meeting room where many people walks by. Some staffs heard very high voices were raised. Apparently the trainee F shouts at his supervisor Miss E, and in her defence, she raised her voice as well during the argument.

Many things that we can learn just by observing people around us. That is also a feedback ;)


dieya said...

a leader once advised me, "it's not easy to give bad feedback, you have to substatiate it well, or else you are the one who will look bad". i keep that in mind when i give feedback to others. if they really underperform, i prepare strong evidences to back my claim.

nowadays with more objective performance management system, everything must put on paper to be counted. sometime it's difficult even to give good ratings without proof that the person is doing a good job indeed, nanti org kata pilih kasih pulak.

haih.. baru jadi boss kecik dah byk dilemma kan.. belum jadi boss besar ;-) oh well, like u said, it's a learning process!

Anonymous said...

It is no use crying over spilt milk..................................................................

knitfreak-to-be said...

true, could not agree more with the leader, its not sugarcoat, but trying to put it in constructive manner.

on the receiving end, no matter how bad the feedbacks are, its all for your own good kan?