Friday, June 20, 2008

And then they were out.....

I missed the game last night. Have to wake up early this morning for this shut down!! And they lost 2-3 to Germany. I am devastated, sad to see my favorite lost. I do have a fear before the game, physically Portugal has 'smaller' people on the pitch if compared to Germany but was hoping that it will be an advantage to them. Apparently not.....sedih.....

Thinking of watching the repeat tonight..since I read the review on web that there were ..
"some mesmerising passing movements involving the likes of Deco, Simão and Cristiano Ronaldo before, in between and after the two German goals." more here

I am going to miss their movements and brilliant passess for the rest of Euro. Nothing against Germany, they are good but I wish Portugal won the game!! But I guess they did a good job, man scoring 2 goals against Jens Lehmann is really a big deal.

I am so watching the match tonight...

pics from Euro 2008 official webpage

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