Monday, June 9, 2008

Kick Off!!

I know I shouldn't but I have to. I know I am suppose to focus on TA but I couldn't. Not until I get this one out!!

Euro 08 kicks off and Portugal won their first match. I know it is still too early to celebrate but I am happy :) Seeing the looks of Nuno Gomez as Captain thrills me. Although last nite was not his lucky nite, but he got some good shots.

But then again, I have been repeating this for quite a few times....Portugal has to really work on their finishing. Last night the some of the passes are sloppy, can be more neat. Good teamwork especially on the front line and good talent considering that Pepe scored (being freshie in the international scene)

All in all, I am satisfied and at the same time anxious to see how Portugal will fare throughout this tournament. Boa sorte Portugal!!! and... Christiano Ronaldo is HOT!!! although I didn't fancy that tight fitting jersey, its that the trends nowadays ??

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