Sunday, June 22, 2008

The tops are not in...

Ducth loss to Russian and now its up to Spain and Italy to prove whether or not Shebby's theory is valid. After the Croatia vs Turkey match, he said that the well rested teams have lost their tempo and therefore during task game, the did not manage to step up to the game. On the other hand, the not so rested teams has been keeping the beat once every 4 days and hence could pick up much better.

In last 2 q-final games, the least rested team managed to sustain their performance till extra time whilst not losing focus to score. Probably his theory is right. We'll see about that come tomorrow morning when Azzuri takes on Spaniard on the last place for semi final.

I did watch the Portugal Germany feat last 2 nights and bet you I love Portugal even more. Although there were sarcastic remarks from Shebby about Ronaldo being selfish and all, I beg to differ. Who cares what he says? It is just his opinion. From what I saw, superb skills by most of the Portuguese players and teamwork is at the top of their priority. Excellent passes and brilliant moves. I am looking forward for more of the sorts.
the team that was defeated

just before Turkey-Croatia shoot out

pics from Euro 2008 official website

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