Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good things don't last

My Boss started this thing called 'weekly toolbox' to sort of serve as one stop discussion for all in the department. Its scheduled every Wednesday morning. This is the second week we are having this.

Things has been bad for a couple of months and will not recover anytime soon. Our counterparts in this region starts to slow down and 2 OU is going for total shutdown.

3 OU in Europe are being put on sale. These are the top quartile units, and even then they could not sell it off yet. Many people will lost the place that they started. Being in a plant is like the beginning of everything in my career, many other top notch people started of from here. I know how it feels to lost the place where you start your journey, its sad, I know because I've lost my high school.

Things are not the same though, because we are an operating unit that generate revenue, and nowadays its all about the money. We have to live to the fact that one day, all things must come to and end. I hope the company that I am working here is not that soon. We, for the time being are still save due to Malaysian market. So does the other 3 refineries in Malaysia.

So much for the work talk, must get back to actual work.

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