Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was asked to do a briefing for a group of students that came for a visit here in the refinery. I did it once before and since I have some free period today, I decided to spend my time doing it. While waiting for the students to come in, the organiser Corporate Affair Dept Mgr and I were chit chatting just to kill time. He thanked me for taking a time off helping his Dept for this activity.

And to my suprise, he actually approach me for some other job after Aidilfitri. The company is hosting a formal event and the committe is looking for emcee, and according to him one of the managers actually thought I have a good voice (hehehe..betul ke? and sapakah yang berkata itu?) and asked if I would give it a go...ffuuuuhhh....formal event?

I did some emceeing in farewell party before, even a Safety Day event, but it was all impromptu and very non formal. I did not agree immediately but in the inside I was already jumping with challenge, why not??

I think I am going to say yes, but only if the date is OK (I don't have anythings planned after raya yet). So hopefully I get to do the gig (hehehe...macam celebrity la plak).

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shazzain said...

hehe siap ada gambar mic tu..yeah take it! need tips ask myra! hahah