Monday, November 3, 2008

BBGS 98 Reunion

It all started last year, when I voiced out to Shaz and Elaine. I say we need to do something that will remind us by our school days. Hence, the idea of a 10th yr Reunion came about. Things get really serious sometime March this year. At first there was only 3 of us. Later when words starts to get around, more are willing to help.

Ohh.. but lets not forget a bunch of fakes..yup, like what Shaz mentioned in her blog, there were few people that was REALLY excited at first, asking for MoM and such, later did not responded to any of our emails. Then come Zuien, Farrah Shamilla a.k.a Fasha, and Poova. Fasha did bring in lotsa sponsors and Zuien does create the hype and managed to get more attendees to come.
We started to draft the main stuffs for the event, goodie bags, where to have the dinner, how much to charge, how may ppl we expect to be there, etc, etc, takes a lot to get this done. With me being in PD and could not attend most of the meeting, I can only do so much. Shaz is the main force with all the contact info compilation and RSVP.

Did I mentioned that some of the ppl are just plain ignorant? No reply whatsoever to indicate whether or not they are coming. And mind you, these ppl are actively online every single day on Facebook and Friendster. That is simply annoying. We are making an effort to reunite Batch of 98 but apparently some just refuse to be re-connected.

Be as it may, we targeted if only 50 BBGS-ians willing to turn up, we are going to have it anyway, and we DID!!! Last Saturday, 1st Nov 2008, Class of 98 had our first reunion in 10 years!!! I can say the event went well. Everybody had a good time catching up and we did have lotsa fun. One memorable moment was when the montage was played...many were moved and big Thanks!! to Lili for putting it together in the most beautiful ways that I can imagine. No photos yet for the moment, as I didn't even took out my camera. We had a dedicated photographer throughout and still awating for the whole shot. Will have a moments by moments description later when I have it all with me.

Anyway, am still feeling bit tired after all the hardwork. Thanks to the committe for making it worth it to sweat our blood and tears for the event. Thanks to all the attendees for making time and not let our hardwork gone down the drain..thanks a lot you guys!! Although the building is no longer there, The Spirit Lives On..

BBGS 98 rocks!!! Nisi Dominus Frustra...without God all is in vain. :)

May there be a 100 years more.

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The Spirit Lives On!