Monday, November 17, 2008

Penchant for Profanity

What does it mean? For a person whom mother tongue is not English, my vocab range is rather limited. Therefore when found an expression which I am not familiar with, that attracts me the most. I was browsing online for the world news and came upon this article, which has the expression mentioned above. Read more here.

Upon looking up the meaning, I realize that you can be rude without appearing rude..hahah...the expression above means likes to swear. Well... umm..if you put rather non common words, its not as bad as it may means, rite? Its interesting though how having a wide range of vocab enables us to express ourselves better..or confuse your reader at the same time..hehehe ;). For celebrity blogger, I must admit, Marina Mahathir is the most person that makes me look up for the words that she puts in her writing.

There is pros and cons for having bizarre choice of words, and I tend to go to the pros part. More words for me to learn. Bet you this time I am holding on to that Wazzaword Champion title. Beware time you won't even stand a chance !! ;p

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