Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Next Move?

I just had a 30 minutes session today. Its actually to determine whether or not I can move to another job that I have been eyeing for the past one year. I have one competition though, and she knows about my intent when I didn't know hers. So frankly speaking I don't know who am I up against.

I'm suppose to answer few question i.e how does this job relates to my career progression, and some other stuffs. In return, I get to the chance to ask back. This is a problem, as I never was good in asking question. I don't like challenging people and I am not the provocative type. Since the position is within the department, there's pretty nothing much that I don't know.

But lack of question does not look good for I turn to power of 4th dimension for solution, which is what again? the internet..hehehe...I found this page and found it very useful for people like me who don't know what to ask the interviewer. Click here for the full view.

I hope I did good, and I did used one of the questions. The session went well and how I wish I can get that job ;) Wish me luck!!!


shazzain said...

All the best..hope u get it!! then can blanja me!! yeaahhaaa

shazzain said...

btw've been tagged!

knitfreak-to-be said...

x dapat le jawabnye.. i heard the other person dah dapat. which is OK, but what pisses me off is that I told her about me trying to get that job about one year ago..dia tanye, aku honestly open up,mane tau dia curik idea aku for that position...definitely cannot trust her anymore. pastu since she get the position, she had already started a rift among the dept people..uh uh..not least there is one guy that complaint to me. I hope I get a better prospect position, which is my 2nd choice, its just probably the passion is not so there..xpe, make the best out of anything kan?