Monday, November 10, 2008

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Its Monday morning and I am having the Monday blues..with two colleague out for a course, less people to talk with, which bores me to death.

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Fact 1 [random] I only learned to drive above the 110 km/h speed limit recently (after 2 years on the road..hehehe..) always been scared of speed and still are.

Fact 2 [weird] I am afraid of going to high places, not because the fear of height itself but more of afraid that I might jump.

Fact 3 [random] Can be easily cheered up by music. No music no life ;)

Fact 4 [weird] Wearing tudung but memorise Linkin Park songs by boss was dazzled!!

Fact 5 [random] Have a vast collection DVD/VCD both original and pirated ones-->have one particular interest of collecting gang type of story Infernal Affair I,II,III, Young & Dangerous I-V, The Godfather I-III, Rondo 2006 (Japanese-Korean movie). During my Bali trip, I actually bought more than 30 DVDs at one time!!

Fact 6 [weird] Mostly enjoyed window shopping alone...I can go anywhere I want, go back anytime that I wish to, see anything that I like and not bother to respect other people's time ;) I also like to watch movies alone..refer to the above, don't bother what films other would like to watch!!

Fact 7 [random] Hates talking too much. And just been told I have to speak to more people at work......tak suke!!!!

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shazzain said...

OMG! Azita...dulu2 pun I penah kena with my boss! he said to "be more vocal" --> talk more lah kan!! hehehe..something in common!

confessions of a medical student said...

*you've just been tagged with an award for being cute or having a cute blog, whichever cuter =P